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Liam O'ConnorLiam O’Connor, Architect BA (Hons), Dip Arch (Dist), RIBA, SBID

Liam O'Connor set up his architectural practice in 1989 and over the following two decades has built a strong reputation, based on his contribution to the evolution of a contemporary, relevant and modern classicism.

Liam’s work reaffirms the validity, in the contemporary world, of the timeless principles of traditional architecture, reconciling these with contemporary culture whilst embracing modern technology to create a sustainable and accessible architecture and urbanism.

Liam O’Connor’s work has been exhibited and published widely and he teaches at a number of architecture schools around the world.

He has built a number of unique houses as well as many of the national memorials in the United Kingdom including The Commonwealth Memorial Gates and the RAF Bomber Command Memorial in London and the Armed Forces Memorial in Staffordshire.

He is currently working on designs for a new building at Kensington Palace in London and the British D-Day memorial in Normandy, France.


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